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Fitness and spa professionals! Easily fulfill your CEU requirements online with us!

As a registered continuing education provider, we offer excellent trainings that increase your expertise and marketability.

Each of our 30-hour trainings come with a beautiful, detailed manual for easy reference!

Chakra Yoga           (only 30-hr offered at this time) 
Registered with the Yoga Alliance, this 200-hour or 30-hour continuing ed. certification is excitingly original in its approach. Rooted in the wisdom of the chakras and the vast insights of the greatest spiritual masters, this training will provide a palette of several yogic styles, philosophies, and approaches for teaching students how to connect with their body, mind, and spirit. The program emphasizes cultivation of the 'unique teacher within' and is therefore designed to cultivate teachers who are able to express their unique spirit, strengths, and passions through yoga. While learning the fundamentals of teaching yoga, trainees journey along a path of personal discovery to develop their own unique style.  This program offers a toolbox full of practical approaches and endless inspiration for creating classes that inspire and truly make a difference.
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This yin/restorative style of yoga, created by Anne-Margaret Redding, offers the ultimate indulgence and restoration for the body, mind, and spirit. Infusing guided visualization for each chakra, enhanced by the balancing properties of aromatherapy, the poses are deepened with hand-on adjustments that melt the body into sweet surrender. The training is open to certified yoga teachers and non-teachers alike.

(30-hr cert.)
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Here are some of the graduates from the 200-hour Teacher Training speaking about the creator of Chakra Yoga, AromaYIN, and the Total Training Workout. Founder/Owner of Giving Tree Wellness Agency and Yoga Studio in NYC, Anne-Margaret Redding designed these methods from her unique training, experience and perspective. Certified in 2001 as a yoga teacher (Alison West, Cyndi Lee), personal trainer, and Reiki healer, she began seeping
herself in the study of the Chakras, life coaching, leadership training, and energy work. In 2007, she and her husband attended 2-year One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in Manhattan, a two-year study of the world's religions. 
It was at OSIS where they learned spiritual counseling and how to inclusively bridge gaps between those of different faiths, cultures, and backgrounds.

Who is Anne-Margaret Redding?

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