On their 50-city US Tour for Raise The Vibration, Anne-Margaret and Anthony began recording their #30SecondSacred nature meditations. Having resided in NYC for almost 20 years gave them an appreciation for the little things that Mother Nature has to offer. Enjoy these beautiful

30-second meditations as a perfect #naturebreak for your day!

Each week, join Anne-Margaret for a LIVE, unedited #SacredSunday message to raise the vibration of your body, mind, and spirit.

In just 15 minutes, transform your relationship to the most common struggles of the human experience. In addition to consciously tackling current, controversial issues, her talks offer practical guidance and strategies to navigate the challenges of the human experience.

Some examples of topics covered are: gossip, fear, self-care, pain, procrastination, relationships, addiction, disappointment, and LOVE.

***Don't miss the notes for each talk citing books, quotes,

and essential oils to further align your vibration!

Having led visualizations since 2001, Anne-Margaret truly enjoys guiding theme-based meditations to target specific areas for her students. Utilize this channel to consciously move through the challenging moments in your life with the clarity of intentional visualization techniques.

This playlist holds footage from the Raise The Vibration of America Tour. From the initial promo video to daily checkins from the road, each video is a raw, insider's view into this 50-city, 16-month journey. 

Check out the beautiful sights, people, and communities where we taught our RTV workshops, highlighting the beauty in this country.

Anne-Margaret and Anthony chose to embark on this philanthropic effort to heal the inner and collective divisiveness in our country.