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Upcoming Workshops & Events!

AromaYIN & Massage: Each restorative and yin pose is enhanced with the inhalation of therapeutic-grade essential oils, chakra meditations, reiki, and massage to melt the body into sweet surrender.  "This workshop was a relaxing way to spend a Saturday night. I can't wait to attend the next one! Anne-Margaret and Anthony always make everyone feel welcome and at home."  (2.5 hours)

Raise The Vibration: Healing Inner Divisiveness With more than 1 in 10 Americans on antidepressants, suicide the number one killer of teens, and addiction running rampant, our country is unsuccessfully navigating the inner human journey. This multifaceted workshop, consisting of live music and meditation, has helped so many achieve fulfillment through surrendering their resistance to being human.  (2-3 hours)

Living Metamorphosis: Chakra Workshop Celebrate life as an opportunity for constant transformation by using the chakras (subtle energies) as an effective roadmap to self-awareness and intrinsic power. Balance energetic instabilities and liberate your authentic self through postures and meditations specific to each chakra. (3 hours or 16-hour immersion)

10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration! What you ingest and apply to your body has a significant impact on how you feel and the efficiency at which your body functions. Learn these 10 ways to provide simple upgrades in your daily diet and self-care regimen, helping you maintain a high vibration. In this workshop, you will also learn the RTV Kriya! (2-3 hours)

Monthly New Moon Women's Circle (Online): Join the women of your community to surrender what may be holding you back and consciously create the month ahead. Through visualization, journaling, sharing, and powerful conversation, the circle guides women to connect with the healing power of the feminine. (2 hours for circle)

8-Week Chakra Workshop (Online): Uncover your own energetic instabilities through meditation, group discussion, and exploration of personal and collective patterning. Transform your relationship with yourself, your environment, your work, your passions, and your relationship with others. Distinguish which chakras are "blocked" for you and why.  Discover the physical & emotional dysfunctions of each chakra and how to open/treat a "blocked" chakra - how did this chakra get blocked?  Learn which yoga poses, chants, and meditations assist in achieving balance for each chakra. Understand why you are attracted to specific colors, places, gemstones, poses, scents and how to use them to heal and re-parent yourself.

Arm Balancing Workshop: It's time to conquer crow, peacock, and other fancy birds! Even if you are able to balance already, learn proper alignment for these basic arm balances that will get you ready for the more exotic birds! (2-3 hours)

Back-bending Workshop: They say that you need 5 BACKBENDS for every hour of news that you watch! Join Anne-Margaret for an alignment-based exploration and learn simple tips to safely glide you in and out of the most challenging of backbends. (2-3 hours)

Yoga Alignment Basics: Recovering from an injury? New to yoga? ...Or just want to fill in the gaps of your practice? Learn simple alignment tips to keep your body safe and efficient on the mat. We'll address the knees, shoulders, wrists, hamstrings, neck, back and more while understanding the fundamental principles and how to apply them to each pose.  **Special attention will be given to workshopping chaturanga dandasana that serves as the main transition in Vinyasa yoga. (2-3 hours)

Cultivating Intuition Workshop: Feeling cut off from your sense of direction and confused about the next step? Do you ask everyone else advice thinking that someone besides you must have the answer you have been searching for was just locked within you? Find your key, clear the cobwebs and learn how to listen to and unlock the deep wisdom within. While being guided through meditation and journaling exercises, begin trusting and harnessing this invaluable inner guidance.  Leave with practical tools to awaken your powerful intuition on a daily basis. (2-3 hours)

Heart Opening Workshop: Rumi said, 'Your task is not to seek for love, but meerly to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." Discover the hidden ways you keep yourself from opening your heart to attract love into your life.  Transform your fear and resistance, breaking open the shell that encloses your magnetic, loving radiance. (2-3 hours)

Hip Opening Workshop: Open to the creative energies with this juicy, hip-opening workshop! Unleash freedom and receptivity in the hips which house our creativity, sexuality, and relationship patterns! (2-3 hours)

Intro to Aromatherapy and Essential Oils: Explore the extraordinary healing capacities of therapeutic-grade essential oils. Directly extracted from Nature, these oils possess an array of benefits and powerful frequencies that can outshine other mainstream alternatives.  Through Mother Nature's very own apothecary, witness her ability to re-harmonize the body and mind, reintegrate the Spirit, and guide one's overall health to its optimal potential. (2 hours)

Intro to Meditation: Need a break? Learn simple techniques that will improve confidence, focus and clarity.  Now - more than ever - the mind needs refuge from the constant over-stimulation, stress, and fear we encounter daily through the media and endless other stimuli.  This burden on the mind has the potential to translate into dis-ease in the body as well as impact one's experience of the present moment.  Learn simple techniques to start your own practice that can support and recharge you in a way that unconscious sleep cannot. (2-3 hours)

Partner Yoga and Massage: Bring your husband, girlfriend, or best friend and explore your practice in a whole new way! For the first half, explore fun and adventurous partner yoga poses and then relax with a little massage! With beginner-friendly yoga poses, restorative massage techniques and hands-on stretching, this class will be sure to please! (2 hours)

Pranayama and Bandhas: Explore yogic breathing techniques designed to heighten your frequency by releasing toxicity to purify and calm the mind to soothe anxiety.  As stress is the major cause of disharmony and dis-ease, it is essential to learn the invaluable, yet simple meditation of breath control. (2-3 hours)

The Power of Gratitude: Explore the miracle of gratitude and how it can shift your perception to truly savor each moment, even the most difficult ones. Through journaling, meditation, and restorative poses, experience the freedom gratitude provides as you release your resistance physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Experience how two simple words (thank you) can transform your most challenging relationships, circumstances, and fears. (2-3 hours)

Lose Your Aversion to Inversions!: Session 1 - Headstands and Shoulderstand; Session 2 - Forearm stand, Handstand, and L-Shape

Want to take your inversions to the next level? Afraid of being upside down in class and want to lose your aversion to inversions? Join Anne-Margaret in this two-part series and give it a shot! For over 18 years, she has helped students bridge the inversion gap by teaching how to build these poses, not 'attempt' them.  Her alignment-based approach transforms students' fear into enjoyment.  WARNING: you might LOVE with inverting!!! (2-3 hours each)

Chair Yoga: Learn creative ways to modify your practice when working with injuries and limitations! You'll be pleasantly surprised learning all the yoga poses you can do in a chair.  This one prop can greatly assist yogis in developing a deeper understanding of correct alignment.  From enhancing an advanced practice to safely supporting yogis working with injuries and limitations, chair yoga can be invaluable. (2-3 hours)

Yoga for Your Moon Cycle: Being a woman can sometimes be very challenging especially when it  comes to cramps, bloating, mood swings, and all the wonderful symptoms of PMS and our cycle. Discover specific poses, breathing, and meditative techniques for dealing with the physical and emotional pain and discomfort. Learn how to powerfully harness this sacred time of feminine intuitiveness and raw transparency.  Bring a journal~ (2-3 hours)

There is no formal education when it comes to navigating the inner human journey...this is the work of Raise The Vibration. To request a workshop in your community, please email

Workshop & Event Descriptions

Workshop Descriptions
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