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Raise The Vibration: A Weekly Guide For Alchemizing The Human Experience (e-book) is designed to engage you in daily and weekly practices that strengthen you ability to keep your vibration high and your life full of passion, purpose and real living! 52 authors have contributed their real-life stories of resilience to this e-book. 

Check Out All What's Inside This E-Book!

*Inspiring Stories of Resilience
*Journaling Prompts
*Chakra Wisdom
*Vibe Hacks
*Inspiring Quotes
*Fun Challenges

Each of the 52 chapters (one for each week) contains personal stories, exercises, chakra wisdom, inspiring quotes and journaling prompts to integrate each author's experiential wisdom in your own life. (Think Chicken Soup For The Soulmeets The Artist's Way!) Illustrated by Rachel Gayle, every gorgeous image is created to complement the author's story!

E-Book: Raise The Vibration, A Weekly Guide for Alchemizing the Human Experience

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