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Our mission is to support you in healing your relationship with

yourself, with God/Source and with this human experience.

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Why Raise The Vibration?


After teaching in 50 US cities and on 5 continents, it became clear to Anne-Margaret and Anthony that collectively we are crippled by a dysfunctional relationship to life itself.  Around the world, people are struggling to effectively deal with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain.

Use this website to keep your vibration high.

In this higher frequency, diseases of the body, mind and spirit cannot survive.

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Started in a tiny NYC apartment in 2003, thousands of women have participated in our circles all over the world. New Moon Women's mission:  Empowering a global network of women who raise the vibration of the planet.

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Contains personal stories, exercises, chakra wisdom, inspiring quotes and journaling prompts to integrate each author's experiential wisdom in your own life. (Think Chicken Soup For The Soul meets The Artist's Way!)
Every gorgeous illustration complements the author's story and can be used as coloring book therapy!

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