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Started in a tiny NYC apartment in 2003, thousands of women have participated in our circles all over the world. 

New Moon Women's mission:  Empowering a global network of women who raise the vibration of the planet. (Learn more...)

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After teaching in 50 cities on their 18-month US tour to Raise The Vibration of America,

it became very clear that we are collectively crippled by the pain and fear of our daily struggles.  Our opioid epidemic is evidence of our inability to effectively deal with

Why Raise The Vibration?

physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual

pain.  Precious time and quality of life are

wasted by not knowing how to successfully

navigate the inner human journey of our thoughts, emotions, and reactions to the world around us.

Devastating Statistics 

Depression, economic hardship, and fear are impacting Americans at an alarming rate contributing to grave uncertainty, growing intolerance, and crippling levels of anxiety. One in ten Americans are on antidepressants; among women in their 40s and 50s, the figure is one in four. Although we spend over 30 billion dollars on these medications, the epidemic of depression has moved suicide into one of the top ten causes of death ( and the leading killer of teenagers.

How can we turn this around?  

Science has proven that everything can be measured in vibration because every thought and emotion has its own energetic frequency. By understanding our unique, vibrational 'tuning', we can uncover our 'second nature'the learned mental and emotional patterns that unconsciously run our lives.  Once we are aware of our habitual patterning, we can begin healing the inner divisiveness of our own self-rejection, compassionately embracing why we are the way we are.  Only then is it possible to establish new patterns that successfully navigate and reframe the pain and disappointment we have experienced, leaving us empowered in the areas where we previously felt victimized. To Raise The Vibration with new patterning leaves us free to savor the precious moments with our loved ones and joyfully embody the full-expression of our authentic self!

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