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Raised in Littleton, Colorado where the Columbine Shootings occurred in 1999, Anne-Margaret knew she had a calling to make a difference with young people. This tragedy, along with her belief that happiness is a result of living a passion-filled life with purpose, led her to create The Live Your Passion Tour in 2003. Through her workshop/concert, she opens a world of possibilities for students who are at a critical stage of their lives, making choices that will affect them for years to come.
MMAD FEST:       Musicians Making A Difference

In 2003, the first MMAD FEST took place in downtown Manhattan at NYC's famed venue CBGB's Gallery as a way to celebrate local musicians who give back to their communities.  The annual, multi-city festival celebrates the power of music in changing lives and brings awareness to a wide array of musicians’ efforts: from voicing political concerns to supporting families of suicide victims. 

MMAD FEST is spearheaded by Anne-Margaret Redding (AMR), who is a NYC business owner, international speaker, musician, and spoken word artist.  After the Columbine HS Tragedy in ’99, AMR moved from Littleton, CO to NYC and then experienced 9/11 first-hand. Forever changed, a deep desire stirred within her to bring healing to the world. Since 2003, she has toured locally and internationally (Africa, India, Peru, Brazil) inspiring leadership in young adults with ‘Live Your Passion’ an empowering workshop infusing her original music and spoken word. As founder and producer of MMAD FEST™, Anne-Margaret, expanded the annual NYC festival in 2012 to Denver, Colorado, her home state. Her team's vision is to expand MMAD FEST to every major US city by 2025 to honor musicians who are using their influential voice for the good of their communities.  

Anne-Margaret Redding (AMR) has a way of inspiring vulnerability in her listeners as they empathize with the emotional richness in each of her songs, while uncovering lessons learned. Her lust for life is ‘Contagious’ as her first album cautions, and when she’s on the stage, you can’t take your eyes off her.  With comparisons to Fiona Apple, Susan Tedeschi, Tori Amos, & Bonnie Raitt, her musical style attracts listeners from an ocean as wide as the spectrum of human emotions. From the rock-n-roll soulful groove of the Black Crowes to the vulnerable temptress ballads of love gone wrong, to inspiring, motivational anthems that’ll get you smiling and restore your faith in life and love...
...her music has it all.
AMR's classical piano background combined with her love of soul, rock, and blues, lays a unique, intricate foundation for lyrics of honest and poetic wisdom far beyond her years. A true artist, AMR shares the intimate twists and turns of her life’s journey while sharing the secrets she’s uncovered along the way. Having faced great aversion as a result of her personal convictions, her songs paint the metamorphic journey of a butterfly portraying internal struggles in believing in herself and having her dreams take flight. Her listeners can’t help but empathize with the struggle and in the end, are inspired to move beyond their own fears and limitations. Her concerts not only entertain, but shake you up inside to feel more deeply and infect you with desire to live life to its fullest.   

AMR tours internationally as a speaker, teacher, musician, and spoken word artist with her Live Your Passion Tour.  Raised in Littleton, Colorado, where the 1999 Columbine HS Tragedy occurred, she moved to NYC and also experienced 9/11 first hand. Forever changed, a deep desire stirred within her to bring healing to the world. In 2003, while on tour with her first album, she created the Live Your Passion™ Tour in honor of the Columbine HS victims. LYP is a concert infused workshop designed to ignite passion in the hearts of young people while connecting them with their life purpose.

Currently working on her third album of original music, Anne-Margaret continues to nurture her own artistry while residing with Anthony in Denver, Colorado. 

Check out Anne-Margaret's latest recording:


Written by Anne-Margaret Redding for her niece, Cassidy. Performed by Anne-Margaret Redding and Anthony Wood

The picture used for the video's background was captured (filter-free!) on an iphone, taken from Anne-Margaret and Anthony's balcony at their home overlooking the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado.