with Anne-Margaret and Anthony
Cultivating harmony…aligning community…raising the vibration of America!

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WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO ‘RAISE THE VIBRATION?’ When we operate at a low vibration, the body feels sluggish, thoughts are depressive, and we feel limited by circumstance. When we raise our vibration, we align ourselves with a frequency that energizes us, allows creativity to flow, and empowers us to consciously create our next step.

WHO THEY ARE: Anne-Margaret and Anthony are a husband and wife team devoted to Raising The Vibration of the planet. They have a thriving business in NYC working with A-list celebrities, Five-star hotels, and Fortune 500 companies, providing wellness services designed to enhance the home and work environment. Since 2009, their yoga studio in Astoria, Queens has significantly raised the vibration of the most culturally diverse community in the world. After leading retreats and teaching workshops internationally in Asia, Africa, Central and South America, they now turn their focus homeward to a very divided nation.

WHAT THEY’RE DOING: On May 15th, Anne-Margaret and Anthony will embark on a 30-city US tour to Raise The Vibration of America. Spending one week in each city/town, they will work with local communities, teaching workshops on how to heal inner and outer divisiveness. To share their journey with the world, a weekly episode will be released on their YouTube channel Raise The Vibration!, documenting the vibrational pulse of each stop along their tour.

WHY THEY’RE DOING IT: Depression, economic hardship, and fear are impacting Americans at an alarming rate contributing to grave uncertainty, growing intolerance, and crippling levels of anxiety. One in ten Americans are on antidepressants; among women in their 40s and 50s, the figure is one in four. Although we spend over 30 billion dollars on these medications, the epidemic of depression has moved suicide into one of the top ten causes of death (www.cdc.gov).

There is no formal education when it comes to navigating the inner human journey…
…this is the work of Raise The Vibration.

Anne-Margaret and Anthony share over 35 years of experience teaching meditation and practical techniques for finding inner balance and peace of mind. Through their straightforward, authentic approach, students learn the tools to effectively navigate life’s ups and downs, regardless of the cause. Their workshops and forums are designed to inform, empower, and re-define what is possible for the individual and the community.

Through biofeedback testing, experts have proven that what we think, say, feel, and do can be measured as frequency. These mental, verbal, emotional, and physical patternings create our belief system, and our belief system shapes our reality. Reality is not objective, but created by repeatedly firing the same neurological synapses. This is why one person’s reality can be vastly different than another’s. Neuroscientists have now proven that it is possible to change our reality, individually and collectively, through a change in our thoughts, feelings, actions, and conversations.

At each town along the tour, in addition to interviewing locals about how they raise their vibration, we will conduct the following workshops and forums during the weekend:

1.Meditation and Mindfulnessled by Anne-Margaret and Anthony
The latest developments in neuroscience validate the once lofty beliefs that meditation is an effective treatment for almost anything, including depression and anxiety.

2. Living Metamorphosis Workshopled by Anne-Margaret
Celebrate life as an opportunity for constant transformation by utilizing the chakras (subtle energies in the body) as an effective roadmap to self-awareness and intrinsic power. Balance energetic instabilities and liberate your authentic self while integrating fractured parts of your rejected self.

3. 8 Products to Raise Your Vibrationled by Anthony
What you ingest and apply to your body has a significant impact on how you feel and the efficiency at which your body functions. Learn how these 8 products can serve as simple upgrades in your daily diet and self-care regimen, helping you maintain a high vibration.

4. AromaYINled by Anne-Margaret and Anthony
Infusing the wisdom of the chakras with the balancing properties of aromatherapy, AromaYIN offers a restorative yoga practice, exclusively on the floor, that rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit. Each restorative and yin pose is enhanced with the inhalation of therapeutic-grade essential oils, chakra meditations, reiki, and massage to melt the body into sweet surrender.
(BONUS: A limited amount of one-on-one bodywork sessions will be available with Anthony during the weekend.)

5. Community Building and Concertled by Anne-Margaret and Anthony
Community is an essential contributor to overall well-being. Giving back through charitable causes, mindful discussion of topical events, open dialogue, and emotional support are beneficial to all within a community. Through consciously-directed forums such as our Women’s Circle and Men’s Group the possibilities for self-understanding are enhanced, intimacy with oneself and others deepened, and our similarities and differences are celebrated.

Music is another way to raise the vibration through creative expression while promoting awareness and inspiring constructive messages of hope. To express our gratitude to each community, we close the weekend with a concert of original music and spoken word. Performing together, while discoursing with the community one last time, provides a beautiful conclusion and a final opportunity to go deeper within while enjoying the performance.


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